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Why Choose MyGlit Recruitment Hub ?

Recruitment Hub with Centralized Database

Centralized Database

Manage & Find all your shortlisted candidates data at one place.

Recruitment Hub with Automated Emails

Recruitment Hub With Automated Emails.

Feed lineups and automatically Glit send interview invitation mail.

Candidate Tracking With MyGlit

Shortlisted Candidate Tracking

Track your candidates from Hiring to Joining Offer.

Mobile Content Management With MyGlit

Mobile Content Management

Hiring, keeping track of your candidates, all now at your finger tips.

Easy To Use

  • Just Feed on Candidates Lineups from the Requirements after making sure they are relevant to the Openings
  • MyGLIT Recruitment Hub is built to make hiring easier for the Recruiters. Glit trains you at various intervals through Pop-ups and Tickers about various updates in hiring along with new hiring Demands that we may get from Existing Clients or new Clients.
Easy To Use Recruitment hub
Compete With Recruiters With MyGlit

Compete with Recruiters across the Globe

  • MyGLIT Recruitment Hub is integrated with MailChimp which sends automatic email to all your lineups as soon as you feed in Glit.
  • Deliver an unforgettable experience to candidates through MyGLIT Recruitment Hub..
  • Its Fun to do Recruitment may it be BPO Jobs, work from home jobs, data entry jobs, digital marketing jobs etc, but its more fun when you can see how your Colleagues are performing in the world of Recruitment.
  • It works like a live Recruitment Sensex showing the Trends of Top Recruiters and how are they making money.

The coolest Feature of Myglit to Improve your Quality of CV's from Recruiters

  • Lateral Glit is web Based Kanban Recruitment Management Application.
  • Recruiters source CV's on lateral Glit using Card System.
  • Each Card can be used for One Job Requirement.
  • Admin/ Manager then Reviews the Resumes and give Star rating
  • Card Analytics Dashboard then tells you which Recruiters have better Star Rating then others
  • Main Lateral Dashboard tells you Recruiters performance across all Job Requirements.
  • Incentivise your Recruiters based on Average Star Rating of Resumes across Requirements.
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The coolest Feature of Myglit to Improve your Quality of CV's from Recruiters


Advanced security features with MyGlit
Advanced security features

Advanced encryption with robust architecture with round-the-clock network monitoring by our dedicated IT team with continuous patch and security updates.

Dedicated live support with MyGlit
Dedicated live support

MyGLIT customer support team is ready to assist you 24x7 for any queries and issues

Space for sharing and collaboration with MyGlit
Space for sharing and collaboration

The platform lets each and every individual ,professionals and organisation to collaborate and automate the complex recruitment process to ease your recruitment needs.

MyGlit Global operations
Global operations

We have our global presence to serve the need of industry. We are a recruitment tech-startup with the promise to deliver high user experience.

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