About Us

My Glit is a product of Gratitude India. MyGlit is a Cloud-based technology platform for the Recruitment Industry. MyGlit is a platform created looking into the GAP and processes in the recruitment industry. It is build analysing 10+ years of real-time data from the industry

The Features of MyGlit are as follows:

    MyGlit for Clients :
  1. Save client time to hire candidates by providing top recruiters with specialist Quality based in various parts of the world
  2. Ease Bulk Hiring
  3. Better Transparency with the recruiters
  4. Real Time Track of Candidate Status
  5. Centralized Analysis of Recruitment data
  6. 24*7 Hiring Process Available
  7. A client can Block Recruiter with low Performer or bad Behaviour
  8. A Client can also Reward recruiter for better performance

    MyGlit for Recruiters:
  1. Will be able to source candidates for top MNC companies over Different countries and earn online
  2. Earn without Leaving office or home
  3. Get Candidate Real-Time Status
  4. Candidate Confirmation Features for better Transparency
  5. 24*7 Recruitment Based on User convenience
  6. User Privacy (user Can Access to only his data)
  7. Get recognized as top recruiter around the globe
  8. Get Better Earning Features Based On the level of recruitment
  9. Get existing candidate details to track the credentials for genuinity